1- How did you get into art?
Usually little boys play with toys and stuff like that, I used to play with pens and paper.

2- Did you go to school? How did you learn digital art?
After years of self éducation, I went to Herzing College in 3D Animation – Video Games, to graduate in 2006.

3- What kind of software and hardware do you use?
3DS Max 8, Adobe CS3/CS5 software, A powerful PC ( dual screens), a Mac Book, a drawing table, a high resolution scanner, a digital camera, …. What else? Pens, colored pencils, paint, paper, ink,...

4- Do you have any online tutorials?
Soon my Blog will be online at zmention.com

5- Can you critique my work?
No, sorry, It's a matter of personnel perceptions and taste. Who I'm I to judge your hard work?

6- Can you create an illustration for free or for a couple of dollars?
Unfortunately no. I agree with the fact that this is my passion but always remember that this is my job.

7- Can you send me your .PSD or .Max files to learn how do you do your art?
No, I do not send any of my files for learning purpose.

8- Do you only do scientific illustrations? What other kind of art work do you do?
Soon my Blog will be online at zmention.com