Illustrator, painter, sculptor and trained 3D animator. For over a decade Zohir ("Z.") has been involved in an artistic and a business career as a recruiter and sales representative.

Mid-2006, he graduated in 3D Animation & video games and it's only by the end of 2008, that he fully devoted himself to his artistic career. Since, he never stopped improving his artistic and technical skills.

Advanced user of CS3 than CS5 he was involved in many projects such as, photo correction, posters, matte painting, video editing and special effects. He also developed different illustration techniques for marketing purpose using digital and traditional media.

3D Modeler and advanced user of 3DS Max, he worked on different projects, in concept art, interior and exterior architecture, than mechanical computer graphics.

He is also interested in web and social media and in 2010, co-funded , worldwide one of the finest websites in reference to electronic music.

Presently, he is devoted to Illustration scientifique, a place to allie his corporate and artistic experience

Always listening to his clients, he understands the organization challenges in research and development as well as in marketing.